Save Your Seat: O’Connor Brewing Co. introduces OBC Beer School

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OBC Beer School at O'Connor Brewing Co.OBC Beer School at O'Connor Brewing Co.

O'Connor Brewing Co. logo O’Connor Brewing Co. (OBC) shares their passion for craft beer with eager beer enthusiasts at their hands-on OBC Beer School.

In its second year, the OBC Beer School program is a quarterly workshop series, kicking off this Sunday, March 12.

About OBC Beer School

OBC Beer School is the brainchild of Tasting Room Manager Tyrel Borowitz, Head Teacher and Founder of the program.

Each workshop starts with a beer education lesson and the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concepts, followed by a hands-on activity using industry-quality ingredients and equipment.

Students sample a pre-release of upcoming OBC beers, and take home a beer-themed souvenir (the product of their hands-on activity). Classes are limited to 20 students and cost $20 a person.

“It’s our duty and honor to inform, excite, and encourage as many people as possible to embrace the craft beer movement. There’s so much to learn and we all had a helping hand along the way,” said Tanya Calcagni, Tasting and Tours Coordinator at O’Connor Brewing and Teacher at OBC Beer School.

Upcoming Classes at OBC Beer School

The History of Irish Beer and Malts

OBC Beer School kicks off this Sunday with an Ode to ODIS (an O’Connor Dry Irish Stout). Students learn about Irish beer history and the evolution of grain styles, while exploring malt varieties.

Next, they’ll participate in a malt tea experiment; steeping malts with dried fruits and spices to create their very own batch of grain tea. Students sample nitro-canned ODIS and take home their batch of custom-made grain tea.

Where: O’Connor Brewing Co. Lounge
When: Sunday, March 12 from 2 to 3:30 p.m.

All About the Dogs

OBC Beer School OBC Beer School celebrates warm weather and furry friends at their All About the Dogs workshop, joined by guest speaker Alexandra Cantwell from Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

Students learn about French and Belgian Trappist-style beers, the love story of herbs and hops, and how to infuse beer into summer cookouts – from poached brats to doggie biscuits.

Next, they’ll get their hands dirty at the Randall infusion station, mixing fresh fruits and herbs to create a custom infusion of one of OBC’s draught beers.

Students taste Spyhop White India Pale Ale and take home a doggie biscuit-making kit.

Where: O’Connor Brewing Co. Beer Garden
When: Sunday, May 28 from 2 to 3:30 p.m.


Students learn German beer history and grain styles, with guest speaker Michael Wingfield, OBC’s own German-speaking, beer slinging, good time beertender and Tour Guide.

For a delicious hands-on activity, students try their hand at the spicy beer mustard station; mixing up spices and grain to create a custom crafty condiment. Students taste Octoberfest Märzen-style Lager and take home a small mason jar of personalized beer mustard.

Where: O’Connor Brewing Co. Lounge
When: Sunday, September 10

Famous Funk

The last class in OBC Beer School’s four-part workshop series explores the science of yeasts, with guest speaker Kane Wille, OBC Production Brewer.

Students learn how yeast influences beer’s alcohol by volume (ABV), and about casks and barrel aging, sour styles, and wild fermentation. (Activity TBD.) Students taste the 2017 Ibrik Turkish Imperial Coffee Stout and take home an exclusive OBC Cookbook Calendar.

Where: O’Connor Brewing Co. Lounge
When: Sunday, November 19

Don’t Be Tardy for OBC Beer School

You’ll want stellar attendance at OBC Beer School. Purchase tickets in advance on their website – seats are limited to 20 people.

Take your obsession with craft beer to the next level. Learn the science and history behind your favorite brews from the rock stars at O’Connor Brewing Co.

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*Pictures from O’Connor Brewing Co.’s Facebook page.